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An interview with Rachel Gawley from AppAttic


dr_ruth_mckernan_innovate_uk_belfast_appatticWe were excited to find out that AppAttic had recently received an award.  Team AppAttic have significant experience creating innovative tech solutions for complex problem domains, especially within connected health and are currently residents at our 46 Hill Street Studios.  As well as being very talented, they are very modest which is why we thought we would shout out about this and their many achievements. A big thanks to Rachel and the team for giving us this interview:

Tell us about your recent award and what it means to you

It’s an Innovate UK Women Infocus award which aims to encourage more women to drive innovation. The award came about after Innovate UK did some analysis and found that there was no notable difference between the quality of male and female applications, yet only 14% came from women. Beyond the financial and business support an Innovate UK award serves as great validation for you, your team and your idea. To a small business, that means a lot.

What would be your advice to entrepreneurs out there and in particular women entrepreneurs?

Get out there and do it. Try. That goes for male, female and everything in between. Your journey is probably going to be difficult and push you to your limit, so best to ensure you have a passion for whatever venture you are pursuing. Ability to network with the right people, focus on what matters and deliver what you say you will are three important skills to have. The gender gap is something that exists in many industries from tech to business to music, it’s been embedded for generations. Any advice I have goes out to all; treat people as equals and think of yourself as equal.

What are the most exciting new developments for your business

We have a number of exciting developments underway however most of them are under wraps at the moment. The clinical study for our medicines optimisation game/app is sure for completion end of March 2017 and we plan to release a public version on the app store at the beginning of the year. That should be fun.

What places around the world have you visited because of your business and which is a particularly creative or exciting place to be right now (other than Belfast of course!)

I’ve been in the US quite a lot over the past year or two, primarily on the West coast, out in San Francisco and Seattle. We also attended SXSW last year in Austin, Texas which was an amazing experience and one of the fastest growing cities in the US. All of our visits to the States have been fruitful, however I’ve probably been most impressed by the Canadian healthcare approach to innovation and Vancouver and exciting place to be right now.

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Images: AppAttic