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Womenfolk : Week Two design entrepreneur profiles and highlights


martina scott illustration, womenfolk

Martina Scott Illustration

We have been overwhelmed by the interest and support shown towards Womenfolk so far! A big thank you to everyone that has contributed so far as well as those that are championing our project, sharing it and talking about it. We will continue to put up a brand new profile each day of a female design entrepreneur, so keep an eye on the website for the latest!  These are some of the highlights from the last 7 days!

Our profiles 6-12 are:

    • Sonia McCourt Design – “Believe in your brand and its values. A strong brand comes from a good thought process and understanding your brand’s position in the current market.”



    • ALW Architects – “It can be hard for newly established practices to move in to larger scale work and open competitions are often a way in.”


    • Wendy Ward Lighting – “When someone buys your craft or design they are not just buying the object but the story, passion and skill that defines it.”


    • Pink Inc. – “Everyone in your company should be aware of your brand and brand values. Is everyone singing the same tune? It sounds a bit corny but sometimes it’s that simple.”


    • Jump The Hedges – “Learn as much as you can about the industry.  Although I am a qualified designer and have worked in industry for several years I interned with bag manufacturers to properly learn about bag construction and design.”


    • ISLE Jewellery – “In Japanese culture craftsmanship is still highly valued, something I believe we are trying to get back to in Ireland and the UK. High quality materials, along with meticulous design and execution, are the main identifying features of Japanese design.” 

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jumpthehedges, womenfolk

Jump The Hedges

soniamccourt, womenfolk

Sonia McCourt Design

ALWArchitects, womenfolk, jane armour

ALW Architects

wendy ward, womenfolk

Wendy Ward Lighting

pinkinc, womenfolk

Pink Inc.


ISLE Jewellery