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Share 6: Going against the grain


We had a brilliant time at Share 6: Going Against The Grain last night with speakers Jan McCullough, Ellie Niblock, Aaron Guthrie, Martina Scott, Katrina Taggart & David Kane! Some of the highlights from the night:

  • Personal projects are worth spending the time and effort on and can lead to commissions and other work – Martina Scott
  • Get people to go beyond viewing work, get them to take action – Aaron Guthrie
  • Disruption in startups is not always a good thing, don’t be disruptive just for the sake of it, be ethical and take a look at the people around you and how your work might affect them – David Kane
  • Seek out ideas from unusual places and people., even internet forums! – Jan McCullough
  • Work with different types of artists in a studio so that you can learn from each other and your work will develop in a more significant way – Ellie Niblock
  • A business isn’t established overnight, it takes several years, perseverance and self belief. If you don’t believe in your work, don’t expect others to – Katrina Taggart

& of course

  • Don’t add obscene gestures on Instagram or else you won’t be allowed to add captions or hashtags! – Martina Scott

Thanks to all involved,  hope you enjoyed the highlights and here are some pics!

Share 6 is an event by Blick Shared Studios where 6 speakers share their thoughts on a topic and their story over the space of 60 minutes followed by a Q & A.