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Share 6: Fashioning the future

06.06.17 Blick Shared Studios (Hill St.) 6-8pm Join us for Share 6: Fashioning The Future where we'll be hearing the stories of 6 speakers from the fashion industry with a special introduction by Jessica Fok who curated "Designed By" at Belfast Design Week 2016.  Each of our 6...


Blick Academy: Pricing your work

You've got your product or service, and it's time to start selling it, but how do you price it? Join us for this hour-long Blick Academy workshop with tips and advice from Trish Belford from Tactility Factory. Tactility Factory is an innovative company set up by Trish Belford and Ruth...


The Faculty : How to make the ultimate lunchbox

Sunday 25th June, 2-4pm, £20 at Blick Shared Studios (Malone) For creative entrepreneurs, lunch can often be the last thing on your mind when trying to reach a deadline or you're stuck in the middle of a project. However, a great healthy lunch isn't just good for you to help keep you...

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