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Crowdfunding tips with Sarah Pannasch


We were excited to be joined by Sarah Pannasch at our Blick Academy: Crowdfunding event yesterday evening at our 46 Hill St. Studio.  Sarah had successfully funded her Dog. Sheep. Farmer. project about sheep and the culture surrounding them – the sheepdogs, the shearing etc. on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. As a passion project of hers, she sought to combine her knowledge of graphic design and styling with her love of the subject to created a gorgeous limited edition print run of books. She spoke about the many highs and lows of running a successful campaign. Why Kickstarter? Sarah chose the platform over others like GoFundMe because it was something she had seen before and knew more about.  She talked about the relentless nature of the campaign and about the necessity for constant updates. People are generous and willing to support campaigns but also want to know that they are supporting someone who is willing to share their journey and their experiences along the way to the final product.  Sarah’s campaign managed to reach and exceed her target of £5,500 to over £6,000.  Her supporters came from all over the world and she used her German heritage to reach out to a German speaking audience as well! She spoke about the importance of using the right media to reach your target audiences – for the designers it was blogs and for the farming community, their farming newspapers.  What next? After a great session of Q&A the only thing left was to ask Sarah what she would be doing next with her wonderful books. Sarah has been offered a couple of exciting ways of taking her project further and we truly hopes she takes these up with her fantastic crowdfunded project!





screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-11-12-42 Graphic & Book Images: Sarah Pannasch /// Photography: Karishma Kusurkar


Due to the unusual amount of traffic last night, Stylografik‘s Paul McNally was not able to make it last night but we will definitely be rescheduling for the new year and cannot wait to hear from him. Look our for details in the coming weeks in our Events section.