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An interview with Emma Smyth from TEY Boutique


We’re excited to welcome new residents to Blick, one of whom is Emma Smyth – Creative Director​​ of The Early Years Boutique​ which provides an online niche marketplace to buy & sell unique & personalised products & gifts for ‘The Early Years’ & baby market.​  The Early Years Boutique has over 120,000 followers across its social networks and a community of  loyal customers. We chatted with Emma to find out more about her business, what made it a success and her plans for the future.  Here’s what she had to say:

What made you start your business?
​My daughter Lucy was my inspiration​.

What keeps you inspired?
​I’m very passionate about what I do, I love my job and it doesn’t feel like real work.​

What are you excited about for your business in 2017?
​Getting involved in some celebrity endorsements, that I’m very excited about.​

What are some of the challenges that you have overcome in the past 4 years with the business and how did you do so?
​The biggest challenge was moving it from an idea to an actual business with turnover, having worked for a year solid with a business mentor and coach. The next challenge was to improve turnover & profits, growing & expanding constantly. The recent challenge was how to deal with the growth​ & the pressures involved. The past 4 years haven’t been rosy, there’s been scrutiny & negative feedback as you would expect from any business. The key has been to keep going & moving forward.

What are your biggest successes to date?
​The Early Years Boutique Ltd. is now a growing, established brand. I’m very proud of this.​

How have you spread the word about your business and built your community?
​It started with an interest in everything online & passion​ for business, plus major preaching to everyone & anyone that wanted to listen. Taking risks & putting the name of The Early Years Boutique out there on social platforms, our website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Going on TV (Dragons’ Den) also helped. It started with 1 follower on Facebook to over 120K followers on our socials & an email list of over 40K.

What tips do you have for entrepreneurs looking to start up?
​Speak with someone else about your idea or ideas. Get their constructive criticism and take it on board. Do your research on your unique selling points. Find out what your competitors are doing and why your idea or product offers a unique solution to an existing problem, at a great price. ​If it’s not working and you aren’t making money, quit and work on a new idea / product.

Thank you Emma and we wish you the best of success for the future with The Early Years Boutique!