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#itsfailures in our Malone Road Studios


We are excited to be showing some of the work from the #itsfailures project by Linda Byrne from Humble Establishment.  Linda is a designer-maker / artist / curator / many things! & is involved in many exciting creative projects engaging the community.

#itsfailures started during Belfast Design Week 2016 when Linda & Shauna Woods – an emerging designer – co-ordinated participants at various events to write down their failures. Failure is something that people shirk away from discussing, are perhaps embarrassed by or humiliated by. This project seeks to encourage an open discussion – an almost confession – of our failures.  The collection of several people’s failures we hope will make everyone realise that – a) they are certainly not alone b) failures can be the start of something new and maybe better c) that it’s good to laugh at ourselves from time to time.

A few of the new failures that caught our attention:

“Failure: The Ultimate Zen.”

“Speaking my mind (in the moment) (not two hours later to someone else.”

“My failure… is letting things take control of my emotions… Just put the guard up & hard to trust.”


Here are some pictures from the exhibition launch on Saturday!

#itsfailures #itsfailures #itsfailures

#itsfailuresWe will continue to hold the exhibition for the next month, but the project will also be continuing and we want you to get involved.  Would you like to contribute a failure to the ongoing project? Simply post your failure on Instagram and tag @itsfailures.