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Thanks to everyone that has supported “The Art of the Comic” so far.  Many of the artworks displayed are on sale! Make sure you get in touch with the artists directly if you would like to purchase a piece or print, commission work or even just to tell them you love what they are doing. Here are their details and bios!


Sharon is an Illustrator and animator based in Belfast. She loves experimenting with traditional mediums, processes and materials, informed by her background in textiles and her interest in fine and folk art. She is passionate about creating stories and characters that capture a sense of mood. Her Scandinavian heritage is a strong source of inspiration, and she is influenced by cultures, animation and comics.  Sharon is a member of UsFolk Illustration Agency.  I


John is a comic book artist and trained 2D animator working from Belfast. Projects include lead artist and animator on Outsider Games’ Wailing Heights and Terranaughts, as well as artist on many local comic books such as League of Volunteers, The Revenants, Zombies Hi and Sherlock Holmes along with international titles such as Maniac. Likes beers, hates sharks.  I


Sam is an alternative cartoonist hailing from Bangor, Co Down. His comics have been featured in American Comic anthology Extruder, local arts zine Face and he’s currently working on new material.   I



Originating from Calgary, Alberta, Jacqueline (Jackie) currently lives in Belfast. A 2011 print media graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design, she has currently finished her MFA at Ulster University and is a current director at Platform Arts Belfast. Reflecting on the absurdity of a situation. A combination of intent and circumstance, a contraption made to rely on misperception.  Embracing ideas of old motifs of slapstick and cartoons fraught with Dadaist logic and the whims of the Fluxus movement, her art can be a joke that often has no punchline. Jacqueline’s practice investigates how her art embraces the absurd and the lowbrow, through the methods of unconventional narration. She considers being fundamentally an artist who draws, but she works in any medium that suits her practice at the time such as installation, comics, costumes and printmaking.   I


Donna is a mixed media artist based in Belfast, who works from her own home studio doing original comics.  Mixed media art has inspired her comic book art and characterisation. She started off as a professional photographer, where her style was inspired by her background in fine arts and her keen interest in animation and comic book art.

As her photography style became increasingly shaped by her love of comic book art, animation and video game design, she realised the direction of her art career was evolving, so she decided to concentrate more on mixed media art.  As she honed her skills as a mixed media artist she decided to focus her career on comic book art, illustration and writing. Her comics and art are often inspired by horror, folklore and mythology.   I


Steve is a comic freelancer based in the UK. He specialises in character design, animation, story boarding, illustration and motion graphics.

Steve has worked for 7 years in-house as a Lead Animator & Illustrator for clients including Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Dune London, Paddy Power and Argos.   I



Digital illustrator Mark began his career with a Belfast-based advertising company. Seeking to utilise his abilities in a more fulfilling way he left to pursue a career as a freelance artist. This transition allowed him to work with a diverse clientele – Coca Cola, McVitie’s, Jacob’s, Empire Magazine – on an eclectic range of projects, from character design to album covers, which have broadened his skills palette and added to his ever-burgeoning portfolio.   I


Comic startup Kate has always had a wild imagination and has loved painting and drawing since she was a kid. Poetry, songs and music since then strangely have started to emerge from within the Ether, and have begun sticking themselves to her in colours, musical notes, fluffy clouds, words, feelings, sunsets, stars and amazing adventure stories! Kate finds writing comics fun and liberating and is currently writing 5 fantasy-adventure stories, that are rapidly becoming novels.   I   Facebook: McCready Comics

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