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#Meettheresident – Eoin O’Shea


Tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

Hi I’m Eóin O’Shea and I am a Chartered Architectural Technologist. I run a CIAT Chartered Practice called PIM Smart where I specialise in 3D modelled technical layout designs with technical drawings and schedules generated from same. In my role this involves a balance of office design work and site application of same to set-out works. Generally I work alongside contractors on commercial projects however also work directly with clients on smaller scale architectural design projects and can provide a variety of services for everything else in between.

Any projects you’re currently working on?

Currently I’m working on technical façade design & construction layouts for a new academic building at Maynooth University and a new railway control centre at Heuston station in Dublin.

What was the biggest hurdle for you starting out and how did you overcome it?

Controlling time is always a big hurdle, especially when starting out on your own as all the additional roles such as finances and business admin need to be fulfilled on top of your day to day work. Without a big team around you to delegate, it takes some time to break down all these roles into bite-sized chunks and schedule time better so you aren’t totally overwhelmed and working crazy hours. I’ll not say I’ve perfected it yet and still sometimes you just have to commit a bit more time when a big handover date is due, but you learn to cope a bit better and balance your work and personal life in more creative and flexible ways. The big benefit of working for yourself is just taking a few hours or days off when things relax a bit before the next big workload.

How do you stay creative/inspired?

As a Chartered Architectural Technologist, I enjoy drawing on the wider community of my fellow ATs through involvement with my professional body, Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists, and CPD/social events offered through this network for inspiration. As technical professionals, our CPD events could be on anything from screed design to utilisation of drones for site review which are always really wide ranging, interesting, informative and helps motivate me, my work and approach to same. I also try to keep up to date with modern design trends and practices to keep me inspired – a design magazine/website called Dezeen is one of my favourites – but also enjoy Pinterest and other scrapbook like websites for ideas and developing reference points. It’s not always information relevant to my current work but there’s always something new to learn and it’s great to see what is happening further afield within the Architectural/Engineering/Construction design sector for inspiration.

Who is your creative hero?

I learned my trade working with my father who runs a small architectural technology practice in my homeland of Fermanagh. It was generally small scale designs and dwellings in rural locations we were working with but my father always approached each project with honesty and a practical sense in getting best value for money and utilisation of space for the client regardless of circumstances. It wasn’t generally flashy architecture due to the budgets we were working with but I learned a lot through my apprenticeship in terms of morality, practicality and design appraisal skills I took forward into my career and endeavour my best to emulate with my designs and clients.

What piece of software/ tool/ equipment would you struggle to run your business without?

I utilise a program called Revit by Autodesk to generate my 3D model designs and extrapolate all my drawings and schedules for projects from same. It’s an integral tool to what I do and offer to my clients so it’s also important for me to keep up-to-date with how best to harness it as new features are released every year.

What’s your top tip/piece of advice for anyone wanting to start their own creative business?

I would say finding gaps in the market is the best place to start to identify your best chance core business output. It may not be exactly what you want to do longer term but gets you started in the immediate term for about 70% of your work output whilst you find your feet and pay the bills! You can always grow the other more exciting 30% of your work along with your brand and all being well, employ more people to do the humdrum tasks longer term whilst you concentrate on more exciting innovative work outputs.

Find Eoin’s work at on Twitter @getpimsmart, Pinterest @getpimsmart and on his website

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Here at Blick we aim to support and promote local creatives in Northern Ireland. 

A number of our fantastic residents are crafting, painting and illustrating artwork that would make a perfect christmas gift for your loved ones! 🎁

- bespoke illustrations 

- Northern Irish themed illustrated prints, homeware, clothing 

- whimsical acrylic jewellery

- homeware, accessories, illustrated prints 

- bespoke men’s shirts and unique accessories

- contemporary art 

Read more on the blog 👉 link in bio!
Meet Ray Walsh, our newest resident in 46 Hill Street!

Ray is a Graphic Designer working remotely for a design studio based in Birmingham. He shared some brilliant advice for creatives working remotely in our interview on the blog - link in bio!

Check out his passion projects on his Instagram @ray_walsh.jpg

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If you're heading to Belfasts Christmas Market, stop by our resident @dannisimpsonart's amazing stall and #supportlocalartists! 

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Some brilliant new street art on Hill street in the Cathedral Quarter. 

If you know the creator please feel free to tag them!

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Even with the days shortening, we still get to enjoy the sunset reflections here in the Cathedral Quarter!

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Did you know our Hill Street studios has a mezzanine level, letting in plenty of natural light for our residents and extra workspace. On the ground floor we have a lovely lounge, kitchen, WCs and more deskspaces.

Hill Street is a beautiful narrow cobbled street that was first dipected on a Belfast map in 1757. It was originally named Pott-House Lane as it housed a pottery shop, meaning Hill Street has always been home to creatives!

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Autumn has arrived in the Cathedral Quarter ☀️

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BDW21 theme this year has just been revealed and is "What's on my block?" centering around design and entrepreneurship✨

Sadly we aren't helping to organise the event this year, but our fabulous resident Karishma Kusurkar @karishmasworld is!

Check out the @belfastdesignwk week programme for The Sustainabitilty Series, Meet and Greet events, guest speakers and much more to be revealed. Link in their bio!

BDW is running from 1-7 November and beyond. Get your tickets now!

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Happy Friday when you get to play with plants as part of your job
Cobbles, sunlight and flowers ☀️🌸

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Gorgeous morning light streaming into Cotton Court. Happy Monday!

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A warm welcome to our newest resident Lyndsay Walker ✨

Lyndsay is a freelance presentation designer working in the pharmaceutical industry who loves the challenge, flexibility and freedom of being her own creative director and has been self employed for almost 20 years in various creative industries. 

We are delighted to welcome her into our Cotton Court Studios.

Read more about Lyndsays business and what inspires her on our blog - link in bio!

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What a beautiful sunny September evening ☀️ hope everyone is out making the most of it before the winter
The perfect spot for lunch in the Cathedral Quarter surrounded by lots of lovely colours 🌿🌸🌼

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Our beautiful main room is now available for hire! 😍

This evening its being used by the wonderful who is adding a splash of colour. 

Get in touch at for more information

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Calm corners in our Malone studios
To celebrate Good Relations Week 2021 ‘Brighter Days Ahead’ for Young People, our resident  @creatingaspace have teamed up with @allnationsbelfast to create a project called "How They See Us'.

'How They See Us' is a project that investigates how people from different backgrounds navigate their lives.

The project explores how people think society sees them as an individual, and what labels and stereotypes have been placed upon them based on how they look, their race, their ethnicity or where they are "from".

In this season, we have interviewed 5 amazing individuals from different cultural backgrounds, who shared their experiences of what it is like being a person of colour in NI and what their experiences have been like growing up here.

We talked about the struggles of navigating identity, representation, grief, belonging, race, discrimination and self-love & acceptance.

For this event, we will be having a panel discussion with some of the people that took part in the project.
We will be asking them about
- How they felt about sharing their story
- What they have learned about themselves throughout this project
- How they see their future

Stay tuned for the release of the full project!

Grab your ticket via @creatingaspace's link in bio!

This project is funded by Community Relations Council.
✨Post services✨

Are you seeking a professional image for your business but are currently working from home? Blick's virtual post service offers a confident and professional city centre address from either our Hill Street or Malone Road studios.

Interested? Get in touch 👉

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Introducing our newest resident Eoin O'Shea! 

Eoin is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and runs his business PIM smart.

Take a minute to read the interview on our blog with Eoin and find out more about how he stays inspired, the current projects he is working on and his advice on starting your own creative business. It's a really inspirational read!

Link in bio 🔗

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We are delighted to welcome Tom Mathews to our Cotton Court studios!

Tom is a digital artist and animator with a focus on video games and interactive software. He is currently working with Level 91 Entertainment who are based in Northern Ireland.

Find out more about his creative work on our blog where chatted about his inspirations, software and advice he would give to anyone starting their own creative business. 

Link in bio!

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Did you know that the Merchant Hotel is opposite our Cotton Court Studios?

This distinctive building was originally the headquarters of Ulster Bank and was transformed into the 5 star hotel in 2006. It's so nice to have it on our doorstep! 

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