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#Meettheresident – Autumn Aurelia


Tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

My business was essentially born from my lengthy battle with complex post-traumatic stress disorder. I’d been completely unable to leave the house alone for around eight years and was becoming increasingly depressed as a result.

Mostly, I couldn’t handle the pressure of needing to get better quickly so I could go out and get a job. Society generally doesn’t make space for those who need accomodations, whether they be for mental illness, chronic illness or disability.

Toward the end of those eight years, I discovered a love for laser-cut acrylic jewellery. I absolutely adored how these colourful creations were like wearable pieces of art. They were also conversation starters when I struggled with social anxiety and leaving the house. People would ask me about the jewellery and I found it was an easy thing to talk about.

Slowly, I realised how much I wanted to try creating my own jewellery and a few months after that, I started my business.

Having this business has helped me grow tremendously. While I still live with C-PTSD and am unable to leave the house alone, I’m now in trauma therapy, I leave the house most days to work in the studio I share with my partner, and I’m generally just in a much healthier, happier place.

I talk about mental health a lot on my Instagram and I’m finally proud of my story. For a long time, I felt ashamed of being unable to leave the house, of not working. I felt like a burden to everyone around me, but I realise now that I was at my lowest point. I’d been through multiple traumas, stacked up one after the other, and no matter how hard I tried to fight it, I realise what I needed at that time was to just let myself breathe.

Now that I’m on the other side of those traumas, I’m learning how to process them, one by one, and in doing so, I’m able to tell my story as part of my work. Everything I create comes from a place of hope, love, and healing, and I’m honoured I get to share that with the people who support my work.

Any projects you’re currently working on?

Right now, I’m mostly just trying to prepare for Christmas as it’s usually my busiest time of year, but it’s hard to gauge just how busy it will be this year as sales have been incredibly slow for many makers since everything started opening back up again.

In the meantime, I’m in the process of sketching some designs for my first collection of 2020.

What was the biggest hurdle for you starting out and how did you overcome it?

Uff, honestly, there were a few. I didn’t have any prior knowledge of how to create jewellery and while I’ve always been drawn to creating, I don’t have any education in art or design past A-Level art. I also needed to learn to use Adobe Illustrator to prepare my designs for laser cutting. I did try to teach myself, but when it became too difficult, a fellow maker was kind enough to offer to teach me everything I needed to know.

That lack of experience causes a lot of anxiety at times because I often feel like a fraud when it comes to designing. I learn as I go most of the time, so if I don’t know how to create something, I’ll watch videos on Skillshare or YouTube, but maybe that’s how we grow as creatives.

The other major hurdle is most definitely my health. Living with chronic physical illness (fibromyalgia and endometriosis) is incredibly unpredictable. I’m lucky that I work for myself, so if I’m experiencing a flare-up, I can stay in bed for a few days, rest up for as much as I need, and get back to work once it calms down.

The other issue I have is pacing: I have a tendency to overwork myself because I live in fear of when the next flare-up will hit, so I’m constantly trying to make use of the time I’m well enough to work. I very recently made a huge breakthrough with one of my illnesses, which has meant I’m now able to work on my business a lot more, but I’m still learning how to navigate life with chronic illness and working for myself.

How do you stay creative/inspired?

Because my work is often inspired by nature, I find most of my ideas come to me while walking or browsing nature accounts on Instagram/Pinterest.

Who is your creative hero?

I have too many to choose just one. Maybe I can mention two?

My fellow laser-cut acrylic jewellery makers, Lou Clarke and Rosa Pietsch. Both create such unique jewellery and homewares and I’ve loved watching their styles develop over the years.

What piece of software/ tool/ equipment would you struggle to run your business without?

I couldn’t make jewellery without a laser cutter. I don’t yet have one of my own as they’re a big commitment (I’ve heard they require lots of maintenence and repairs are expensive!), but for now, I send my files away to Slice, a laser cutter based in England.

What’s your top tip/piece of advice for anyone wanting to start their own creative business?

Despite my own creative anxiety and struggles with imposture syndrome, I would urge anyone who wants to persue a creative career to start creating. Don’t wait until you have X piece of equipment or until you can afford to take a course (check out YouTube and Skillshare), or until you feel “good enough.” Honestly, I don’t know any creatives who actually feel good enough, even those who have been doing it for years. We all seem to question our abilities and creativity, but it’s when customers share your work on their posts that it really hits you: I get to create things that people are actually wearing in their day-to-day lives. That is always such a joyful, but highly surreal feeling.

Follow other makers/creatives on Instagram as a lot of us share process videos, from which you can pick up a lot of tips.

Where can we find you? (website, instagram etc)

I mostly post on Instagram these days and my work can be found on my Etsy.

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It's hard to believe it's almost February and after a super busy January we are only getting back in the swing of things with social media. Here's our peaceful Malone Studios which has yoga classes most days including the weekend. We have our peer mentoring starting this week and are also busy working on some new projects for creatives to be announced soon. Enjoy the weekend spring will be here soon
It’s your last chance to book for our returning Animation Club event in partnership with Can Do Academy happening this Saturday, see full event details below:

These mini animation master classes by Can Do Academy are a great introduction for children to the colourful world of Lego animation!

The workshop will allow participants to make a complete animated Lego film on an iPad, using sound effects, visual effects, titles and lots of imagination!

Your child will learn to use special iPad apps and they will receive a copy of their film at the end of the session! They can bring their own Lego characters or use the ones supplied by us. You do not need to bring your own iPad.

Date: Saturday 14th January 2023

Time: 10am – 12pm

Venue: Blick Shared Studios, 51 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 6RY

Age: Children 7 – 14 years

Cost: £20 + booking fee

Book through our website link in profile
Happy Holidays and thank you for all your support this year! We will be taking a bit of a break until the New Year when we have an exciting start to the year with a research trip to Vietnam with Belfast Design Week. We also have an exciting new project with Creating A Space that will be launched in the New Year and we will be launching our new website and a new program of events and support. 

Christmas isn’t always an easy time of the year for everyone, but it is one of the few times of the year you can put on your out of office and switch off completely for a few days. This is especially true if you work for yourself. I hope you can do your best to make the most of this, and enjoy a well deserved break and get some time to rest and do what brings you joy.
So hard to believe the year is almost over. The end of the year before the festive break while things are still fresh in your memory is the perfect time for a bit of personal and business reflection. How do you feel the year went? what went well? what didn't go so well? what did you enjoy? would would you like more of in 2023? what do you want to say no to? what boundaries do you want to put in place? what opportunities do you want to pursue? what do you want to achieve? and perhaps most importantly what do you want to remember in 20 years? The quote by Annie Dillard "How we spend our days is how we spend our lives" is a good reminder, time goes so quickly and it's important to remember the big picture and not get too caught up in our day to day business activities, goals and achievements. 

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As usual Christmas has crept up on us here at Blick, so we are a bit late in the day with this post, but we wanted to share info on some of our current and past Blick residents you can support this Christmas if you have any last minute gifts to buy. From books to art, fashion and jewellery we have put together a blog with details on our website 

One of our residents @mehimandherdesign a Belfast and London based design agency also have a great festive giveaway offer for local makers, start ups, charities, artists and art organisations. They are donating 12 days of free design time in Northern Ireland in 2023 (see blog for more info). This is such a great opportunity, if you think it might be useful I highly recommend you make the most of this opportunity and get in touch with them. They are lovely as well as very talented and have loads of experience to offer 

Link to blog with all the details in our profile

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This week in the final month of the year, as the year draws to a close we are thinking about what we want to get done before the end of the year. Having a look at what tasks we have been avoiding so we can get them done and out of the way and start 2023 without anything hanging over our heads. Is there anything you have been avoiding in your business that you know you would feel better if you just got it done?

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January seems the return of our kids animation workshops in partnership with Can Do Academy 

These mini animation master classes by Can Do Academy are a great introduction for children to the colourful world of Lego animation!

The workshop will allow participants to make a complete animated Lego film on an iPad, using sound effects, visual effects, titles and lots of imagination!

Your child will learn to use special iPad apps and they will receive a copy of their film at the end of the session! They can bring their own Lego characters or use the ones supplied by us.


Date: Saturday 14th January 2023

Time: 10am – 12pm

Venue: Blick Shared Studios, 51 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 6RY

Age: Children 7 – 14 years

Cost: £20 + booking fee

Book through our website link in profile
It’s that time of the year again, this week in our Creative Roundup we are highlighting some local festive markets and workshops, all ways you can support local creatives this Christmas. We have also listed some other opportunities and events that might be of interest to NI Creatives.


DATE: Sat 19th Nov
TIME: 11am - 4pm

DATE: Sun 20th Nov
LOCATION: Bullitt Hotel, Lobby

 DATE: Sunday 27th November
TIME: various
COST: £5

DATE: Saturday 10th December 
TIME: 10am - 12 noon
LOCATION: Portview Trade Centre
COST: £30

DATE: 25th Nov 
TIME: 5.00 - 7.00pm
LOCATION: Teolai, 30 Main Street, Castlewellan
COST: £55

DATE: 30th Nov
TIME: 5.30 - 8.00pm
LOCATION: The Merchant Hotel, 16 Skipper Street, Belfast
COST: Member £5, Non-member £10


The 100 Archive charts the past, present and future of Irish design by publishing 100 notable communication design projects, selected each year following an open call.
CLOSING DATE: 31st Jan 2023


Group exhibition showcasing women artists
DATES: 21st - 26th Nov
LOCATION: Artcetera Studio

DATE: Thurs 24th Nov
TIME: 10am - 12pm 
LOCATION: The F.E. McWilliam Gallery and Studio, 200 Newry Road, Banbridge

DATES: Friday 18 – Sunday 27 November 2022

DATE: Nov 21st TIME: 5.00 - 6.00PM GMT

DATES: Wednesday 23 November 2022
TIME: 18:00 – 19:00
LOCATION: online

DATE: Thursday 24th November

DATE: Tue, 29 November 2022,
TIME: 17:00 – 18:30 GMT

DATE: Thu, Dec 1, 2022 
TIME: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM GMT

Link to full blog with details and links on our profile
What do you want to achieve this week? This week’s question for reflection is super simple, but also a really good way to start the week. What do you want to achieve this week? Be really specific and honest with yourself. What is genuinely achievable within the timeframe and what is most important? Setting realistic and achievable goals is important, so you stay focused and don’t feel discouraged but also so difficult. It is easy to be overly optimistic with your goals and to-do lists or to focus on the things that are most enjoyable or easier, not what you actually need to get done to move forward.

I have to remind myself every week to be realistic about what I hope to achieve. Breaking down my weekly to-do list into urgent tasks (usually client work, admin etc) and things I would like to get done (big picture work, funding applications, new projects etc). I try and map out my urgent tasks then set aside some time and schedule in at least one thing from my things I would like to get done list each week so that I keep moving forward and working to achieve my overall goals.

How do you work out your to-do list and set your goals and priorities?

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Did you know we have lots of free industry expert videos on our website? We have highlighted them on this week's creative roundup on our blog alongside different events and opportunities for creatives this week
We're excited to be bringing back our peer mentoring group

It’s very simple, but also very effective. Starting in January 2023 on the last Tuesday of each month we will host a get together with a small group of self-employed creative women or women in the process of starting a creative business to chat about business and life. Each person will get the chance to speak. Sharing their monthly progress, plans for the following month, future goals and aspirations as well as any challenges they may be facing. This process gives you the opportunity to connect with and learn from like-minded creative women and helps with motivation, accountability, goal setting and planning. 

As we want the group to be a safe-space for sharing we will be limiting numbers to a maximum of 8 participants. There is no cost to joining the group, but to ensure commitment and suitability participants need to fill in a short online registration to secure a space.

You can find the registration form on our website (link in profile) or if you have any questions about the group email

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Sunday mornings have just become available to hire the Main Room in our Malone studios. Perfect for yoga, meditation, classes, workshops etc, only £15 an hour for regular ongoing bookings. Get in touch for more info
This week's question for reflection is a tough one. It can be hard to be honest with yourself about where you find fulfillment especially with a creative business that may have started out as a passion project. Things change, just because we once found something fulfilling or enjoyable doesn't mean we still do, especially when it has turned from a hobby to a way of earning a living and all the pressures that brings. Of course for practical reasons we may still need to do it for the time being at least, but it's worth reflecting on for the future
After a week being away doing my first business/ solo travelling since before the pandemic. This week's question for reflection is a simple one. What do you want more of in life? and in your business?

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This week's question for personal reflection came from a conversation we had in the studio about wanting to improve our writing skills. In this instance it was for a funding application, but I would also love to be able to write better for our website and social media and just think it would be a really useful skill to have for so many areas of business. It got me thinking about other things I would like to improve my skills on over the next period including social media (it's so hard to keep
uptodate with all the changes) and listening (covered in our creative roundup and the subject of a blog we will be releasing later in the week). Time just flies by and nothing changes if you don't take the time to think about what you would really like to do with your time and what would really add value to your business and life. Its worth taking some time to have a think about what skills you would like to develop and invest your time and energy in for both your personal and professional life 

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