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Top Tips for Pricing Your Work with Trish Belford


During Belfast Design Week 2018 we hosted Blick Academy’s event, Pricing Your Work. Our facilitator for this event was Trish Belford, a textile designer and Senior Research Fellow at Ulster University. We wanted to share with you some of the valuable information that she spoke about during this event.

pricing your work

  • Calculate all internal costs.
    Time to make the product, power, heating, insurance, operating costs, advertising, cost of raw material.
  • Don’t undervalue your work.
    If you’re selling direct to a customer, don’t charge wholesale prices.
  • What are your competitors charging?
    When researching shops, don’t limit yourself to craft shops and galleries. Look in homeware outlets, pharmacies, bookshops, beauticians, good delis and boutiques.
  • What are your customers willing to pay?
    Talk to your buyers, friends and family and go shopping yourself.
  • Tell the story of you and your product.
    You are the person behind the product, and customers like to know the story behind what they are buying.
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