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Top Tips with The Bearded Candle Makers: Instagram for Your Creative Startup


We had the pleasure of being joined by the wonderful Michael from The Bearded Candle Makers to give us some advice when it comes to using Instagram and how to operate it to best suit your creative business.
Michael is based in Newcastle, NI where he has built his workshop in order to engross himself in nature and ensure that each scent he creates truly envelopes its origins and brings the outside home.
Today we have a few pieces of advice that he shared with us to help you!

top tips bearded candle

  • For your profile picture, try to use a face instead of a logo
    Instagram is a social platform and users want to be able to truly connect with your business.
  • For great quality product photography, hire a photographer for a shoot
    One photo shoot can equate to 2-3 years of content for your products.
  • Make sure your photos tell a story
    You want the right amount of mystery and story telling in each photo that encourages interaction from your followers.
  • Pet Photos = Engagement
    Need we say more?
    top tips bearded candles
  • Collaborations
    Working with other creatives whose work intertwines with yours is brilliant for follower crossover and to see the community supporting each other.
  • Instagram Stories are essential
    Behind the scenes are wonderful for engagement. Followers want to be able to see and interact with businesses, and get to know the people creating the products they enjoy.
  • Give, so that you can ask
    Don’t make all of your posts about selling – if you’re giving your followers brilliant content with a 10:1 ration of trying to sell a product then they’re more likely to feel as if their custom is really valued.
  • Pictures of Nature
    Instagram users love photos of nature, in theory, uploading a picture of a flower is essentially giving each of your followers a virtual flower. How special is that?

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