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Our Ten (Financial Commandments)… for the self-employed creative… with Compass Financial Associates


­­Compass Financial Associates,

The Ten (Financial) Commandments… for the self-employed creative…

We’ve been financial planners for over twenty years, so we like to think we’ve gotten quite good at it. Over those twenty years, we’ve built great relationships with people like you. We have clients who make award winning films, who design sports cars, and who make stunning stained-glass windows. The thing that links them is that we were there, making sure they and their businesses were in tip-top financial shape, keeping them protected against risk, and helping them make the most of the opportunities that presented to them.

Okay, so down to brass tacks and as you might be able to tell we like getting specific. Specifics are our bag. While you, (the self-employed creative) are busy making the world a more beautiful, more wonderous, more interesting place, we’re busy making sure the numbers still add up. Over the past while though, we’ve been thinking about some general golden rules you might want to have a look at.

Our Ten (Financial Commandments)… for the self-employed creative…

1.       Thou shalt live within thy means

2.      Thou shalt plan with a financial objective in mind (…retirement in the sun would be nice, right?)

3.       Thou shalt know the value of thy work

4.      Thou shalt insure your most valuable business asset – yourself

5.      Thou shalt seek wise council – accountants, financial advisers and solicitors

6.      Thou shalt save for a rainy day

7.       Thou shalt provide for your family should the worst happen 

8.      Thou shalt create a financial legacy for your family

9.      Thou shalt make a plan – each week, each month, each year and review it all the time.

10.  Thou shalt not let money worries get in the way of your happiness. There is always somebody out there who can help.

We think it’s important to keep all of these in mind when you’re out there being your best business self. Everybody’s circumstances are different, so it’s hard to tell people what they must and must not do, so that’s why we think these rules, general as they are can help. And at the very least, we might have made you think about making that plan.

Don’t forget though if you want to get specific (did we mention we love getting specific) you can get in touch with us whenever you like or come and meet us at our upcoming financial planning seminar at Blick. Our brains are here to be picked!


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