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Top Tips – Morning Routines with Blick Residents


With all the kids officially back to school, and the mornings getting darker we wanted to address morning routines. What can we do to make each morning just that little bit easier before we head off to work?
We asked our community and 25% tend to work out in the mornings – according to many studies, morning workouts allows you to tap into a consistent routine which will continue throughout the day and also helps you to develop strong self-discipline. Also, 63% of our audience ensure they eat breakfast every morning, which helps improve memory and lower stress levels.

Here’s a few more ways to make your mornings a little less stressful:

  • “Always EAT BREAKFAST! It gives you energy, kick starts the metabolism and great long term health benefits!” – Lynne Phillips: Marque of Brands
  • “Do everything the night before: get your lunch ready, sort out clothes for the day.”  – Will Thornton: Thornton Architecture Studio
  • “I make sure I have something that I really enjoy for breakfast. It helps get me out of bed and a good meal always lifts my spirits!” – Joanna Knight: Familiar Joy
  • “I read that if you complete a small task in the morning, such as making your bed, it paves the way of making bigger tasks throughout the day easier to complete.” – Karishma Kusurkar: Karishma’s World
  • “If possible, try and walk to work. The little bit of exercise and the fresh air helps to reset your mind for the day and allows you to tackle tasks as soon as they come up.” – Alice Muir: Blick Studios
  • “Get up a bit earlier to allow time for meditation or yoga or breakfast. It doesn’t have to be much earlier, even ten minutes to allow time for a cup of tea makes my morning run a lot more smoothly.” – Liam Cassidy: Person Centred Software
  • “Purposefully procrastinate. I get to the office at 9:30 instead of 9 and spend that extra half hour in the morning doing the things I would waste time doing when I get into the office. If you plan a portion of your day to ‘waste time’ then it isn’t truly wasted.” – Ronan Lunney: Two Digs Studio
  • I like to wake up, get a coffee and process what I need to do with my day. I tend to listen to a favourite podcast to get me motivated. If I have time, I love going for a run. I feel that it is super important to not go on social media until I have all my morning tasks done. I find early morning time very sacred for spending time with myself and moving with ease into the day.” – Esther Mogada: Creating a Space


Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Get in touch!
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