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An Interview with Creating a Space


Creating a Space is a company run by Esther Mogada and James Gitari. They are the newest residents of our Malone Road Studios. Creating a Space is a company that work in filmmaking, photography, music production, video production and events management who mainly showcase creatives through interviews and film. Recently they worked with Womenfolk for The Time is Now panel, creating beautiful interviews with wonderful speakers.

How did you come up with the idea for Creating a Space?

James: It came from us spending time together and yearning to have some way to bring out our creativity. In the beginning it was us sitting in a studio having a chat as friends and eventually it became something. We initially made one video for The Time is Now event with Womenfolk and put it up on YouTube. Since then we’ve been releasing video after video. Everything else such as events promo and video production has just come naturally out of it.

Esther: For both us leaving uni we felt that there was no space for us so that’s where the name came from; we were literally creating our own space. We found a lack of diversity and wanted to have our own representation to be seen differently instead of just a stereotype.

What projects are you currently working on?

James: In June we’re holding another panel talk with Blick studios with all male speakers. We want them to be able to talk about things they wouldn’t have normally such a mental health. We want to take an approach that motivates people to create a business as well as talk about difficult topics.

Esther: The Time is Now was a phrase that started between like we just need to do it now and then it manifested into our mantra of something that we’ve been holding onto for so long that we just needed to stop making excuses and wasting time and just do it. It’s interesting to talk to people at events who are at the beginning and middle of their career because its more relatable to see people in the thick of it because no one really knows what they’re doing.

What do you think about Belfast as a creative community?

James: Because Belfast is a smaller city there’s not as much competition, which is why we want to stay instead of moving to somewhere with a bigger creative scene. Now we’ll be able to see the growth of Belfast and if we stay long enough we think we’ll see a real change.

Esther: It’s a fun playing field ‘cause we don’t have the pressure to know everything right away, we have the time to experiment due to the slower pace of life. It’s good at times but also frustrating when you want to move things along quickly whereas in other cities it’s probably already established. In London something we do won’t make a difference but here it really will and there’s a market for it.

You both have jobs outside of creating a space, how do you balance it?

James: With great struggle! We make sure we know each other’s schedule so that we create the space and time to do it.

Esther: Now that we’re in Blick it’s a different vibe and atmosphere to when we were just working together in my studio at home. It’s time to bite the bullet.

Creating a Space

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