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10 things we learned at Belfast Design Week 2016


We were excited to have been a part of Belfast Design Week 2016 and can’t wait until next year! In the meantime, these are some of the key points we took away from the week.
1. Face Failure Fearlessly (Failure Exhibition)
2. Use the everyday things that are important to you and the ones you care about to innovate change (A Social Gathering)
3. Shop local and independent design brands (25 Pop Up)
4. Bring Belfast to the world (Guest Instagram by Simon & Lorna in Morocco)
5. Experiment and collaborate with someone in a different discipline (Crafting Collaborations)
6. Don’t be afraid to use humour in your work (Design Camp)
7. When nothing goes right, go left (Designing Brand Stories)
8. People are still looking to the artisan and craftsperson to add authenticity to their brands and create high quality products (Roundtable Lunch: Fashion’s Future)
9. Drawing doesn’t have to be an embarassing experience, it’s for everyone and often improved – or at least made easier – with a beer! (Drink & Draw)
10. You don’t need a Powerpoint presentation to tell a great story (Share 6: Handmade in a Digital World)

Image: Simon Mills