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Pop Up Design Museum Exhibition


In our Malone Road studios, we currently have an  on going exhibition where we have curated some of the artworks from the Belfast Design Week Pop Up Museum.

The artworks are in response to the Belfast Design Week 2020 theme : Environment. We love the different interpretations of theme and the diversity of work that was produced.

We wanted to highlight some of the artists & designers that took part of the pop up museum and showcase the work that is currently at our Malone Road studios.

Designer: Ciaran Hurson of Hurson
Theme: Environment: COMMUNICATE

“As part of my brief I was asked to explore the environment, way-finding, navigation. As I started to pull some  thoughts together the words ‘You Are Here’ sprung to mind based on those way-finding maps that denote  your physical location generally with a red dot.

My typographic poster celebrates those individuals who sensibly journey into the city centre either as a  local or a visitor to support are local and independent traders. It acknowledges that you being here at this  moment in time is a matter of importance and benefit to these traders as they are try to find their way through  a challenging and turbulent economic environment. ”

Designer: Elham Hemmat
Theme: Environment: SOCIETY

“The dove and olive branch has been a symbol of peace for thousands of years in many different cultures. Early Christians portrayed baptism accompanied by a dove, often on their sepulchres and in the story of Noah in the Bible, when the flood waters receded, Noah sent out a dove which returned with an olive leaf, to show that the Biblical flood was over and that life had returned to Earth.

Beyond symbolism, the current state of world affairs seems to be very different. How does the ‘dove’ look like in reality? Can it fly freely? Or the rise of nationalism worldwide is hampering any peace effort.

In this poster, the dove has been shown with torn feathers, unable to fly, and the olive branch is sewn onto the background, depicting the current situation.”

Designer: Emma Stewart (Robinson) of Emma Stewart Photography
Theme: Environment: HOME

“My work explores the ideas of home, thresholds and their environments. Home is a starting point for understanding our relationship with space, place and the objects around us. It exists as a pre-conscious embedded experience- contrasting with “design”, which develops as a conscious, abstract idea and then becomes implemented in the world around us.  Perhaps home is the underlying bedrock through which our approach to design is mediated.

My explorations of threshold and home are fleshed out primarily through photography, which captures something of the environment where I grew up- a byre, the view between my Grandparents house and my own, the lane, the view out the kitchen window- and many more places in between. The heirloom map is a nod to the tension between cartography (applied logically/rationally) and oral traditions (which are placed/embedded) that define home – now and in the past. When the map is juxtaposed with a subtle view that this document itself inhabits, we find that memories and daydreams begin to fill out the spaces of home in-between.”

Designer: Benji Connell of Concrete Clouds
Theme: Environment: WORK

“The illustration I have drawn for Belfast Design Week, shows the history of Belfast’s industry in the docks; from the days of the Titanic and shipbuilding through to the days of Game of Thrones and film studios. I like to juxtaposition weird fantastical elements in my work alongside reality, in this case, I just thought, wouldn’t it be cool to see some dragons sitting on top of the Titanic. It very quickly sums up an important part of Belfast and it’s long history – in one illustration – at least I tried to!”

Designer: Nichola Irvine
Theme: Environment: NATURE

“A motivational illustration to inspire others to think about the environment.”

Designer: Hannah Sharp
Theme: Environment: TRANSPORT

“As someone who has primarily used public transport and other environmental forms of transport in NI their whole life, I wanted to encapsulate little moments across that whole experience, while also thinking about the wider environmental picture. I use public transport all the time because I don’t drive, so this has been my natural environment for years. It’s been really scary to see this change so dramatically due to covid.

I’m really interested in the idea of the Slow Travel movement where travellers look at enjoying the quality of the journey, not just getting to the destination as fast as possible. Sometimes in NI, we’re almost forced into a longer journey if we choose alternative modes of transport. At it’s best it allows us to see more of the natural landscape we are preserving by choosing slower but more environmentally friendly methods of travel.”

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Here at Blick we aim to support and promote local creatives in Northern Ireland. 

A number of our fantastic residents are crafting, painting and illustrating artwork that would make a perfect christmas gift for your loved ones! 🎁

- bespoke illustrations 

- Northern Irish themed illustrated prints, homeware, clothing 

- whimsical acrylic jewellery

- homeware, accessories, illustrated prints 

- bespoke men’s shirts and unique accessories

- contemporary art 

Read more on the blog 👉 link in bio!
Meet Ray Walsh, our newest resident in 46 Hill Street!

Ray is a Graphic Designer working remotely for a design studio based in Birmingham. He shared some brilliant advice for creatives working remotely in our interview on the blog - link in bio!

Check out his passion projects on his Instagram @ray_walsh.jpg

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If you're heading to Belfasts Christmas Market, stop by our resident @dannisimpsonart's amazing stall and #supportlocalartists! 

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Some brilliant new street art on Hill street in the Cathedral Quarter. 

If you know the creator please feel free to tag them!

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Even with the days shortening, we still get to enjoy the sunset reflections here in the Cathedral Quarter!

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Did you know our Hill Street studios has a mezzanine level, letting in plenty of natural light for our residents and extra workspace. On the ground floor we have a lovely lounge, kitchen, WCs and more deskspaces.

Hill Street is a beautiful narrow cobbled street that was first dipected on a Belfast map in 1757. It was originally named Pott-House Lane as it housed a pottery shop, meaning Hill Street has always been home to creatives!

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Autumn has arrived in the Cathedral Quarter ☀️

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BDW21 theme this year has just been revealed and is "What's on my block?" centering around design and entrepreneurship✨

Sadly we aren't helping to organise the event this year, but our fabulous resident Karishma Kusurkar @karishmasworld is!

Check out the @belfastdesignwk week programme for The Sustainabitilty Series, Meet and Greet events, guest speakers and much more to be revealed. Link in their bio!

BDW is running from 1-7 November and beyond. Get your tickets now!

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Happy Friday when you get to play with plants as part of your job
Cobbles, sunlight and flowers ☀️🌸

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Gorgeous morning light streaming into Cotton Court. Happy Monday!

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A warm welcome to our newest resident Lyndsay Walker ✨

Lyndsay is a freelance presentation designer working in the pharmaceutical industry who loves the challenge, flexibility and freedom of being her own creative director and has been self employed for almost 20 years in various creative industries. 

We are delighted to welcome her into our Cotton Court Studios.

Read more about Lyndsays business and what inspires her on our blog - link in bio!

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What a beautiful sunny September evening ☀️ hope everyone is out making the most of it before the winter
The perfect spot for lunch in the Cathedral Quarter surrounded by lots of lovely colours 🌿🌸🌼

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Our beautiful main room is now available for hire! 😍

This evening its being used by the wonderful who is adding a splash of colour. 

Get in touch at for more information

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Calm corners in our Malone studios
To celebrate Good Relations Week 2021 ‘Brighter Days Ahead’ for Young People, our resident  @creatingaspace have teamed up with @allnationsbelfast to create a project called "How They See Us'.

'How They See Us' is a project that investigates how people from different backgrounds navigate their lives.

The project explores how people think society sees them as an individual, and what labels and stereotypes have been placed upon them based on how they look, their race, their ethnicity or where they are "from".

In this season, we have interviewed 5 amazing individuals from different cultural backgrounds, who shared their experiences of what it is like being a person of colour in NI and what their experiences have been like growing up here.

We talked about the struggles of navigating identity, representation, grief, belonging, race, discrimination and self-love & acceptance.

For this event, we will be having a panel discussion with some of the people that took part in the project.
We will be asking them about
- How they felt about sharing their story
- What they have learned about themselves throughout this project
- How they see their future

Stay tuned for the release of the full project!

Grab your ticket via @creatingaspace's link in bio!

This project is funded by Community Relations Council.
✨Post services✨

Are you seeking a professional image for your business but are currently working from home? Blick's virtual post service offers a confident and professional city centre address from either our Hill Street or Malone Road studios.

Interested? Get in touch 👉

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Introducing our newest resident Eoin O'Shea! 

Eoin is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and runs his business PIM smart.

Take a minute to read the interview on our blog with Eoin and find out more about how he stays inspired, the current projects he is working on and his advice on starting your own creative business. It's a really inspirational read!

Link in bio 🔗

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We are delighted to welcome Tom Mathews to our Cotton Court studios!

Tom is a digital artist and animator with a focus on video games and interactive software. He is currently working with Level 91 Entertainment who are based in Northern Ireland.

Find out more about his creative work on our blog where chatted about his inspirations, software and advice he would give to anyone starting their own creative business. 

Link in bio!

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Did you know that the Merchant Hotel is opposite our Cotton Court Studios?

This distinctive building was originally the headquarters of Ulster Bank and was transformed into the 5 star hotel in 2006. It's so nice to have it on our doorstep! 

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